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Truancy Diversion Project

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Truancy court ends for CCSD students -

The Truancy Diversion Project was created to decrease absenteeism in Clark County School District Middle Schools. The program supports students as they work to improve attendance and grades. Family involvement and student incentives increase the success of the program.

How Does the Truancy Diversion Program Work?

Truancy court sessions are held once a week at participating schools. At each court session, the presiding judge evaluates the youth's attendance records, teacher reports, weekly grades, and speaks with the student and his or her parents about the student's progress. The designated Family Advocate assesses and coordinates activities that support the student's attendance and achievement at school.

Based on attendance and other progress markers, the student and family may receive recognition and or other types of incentives. Incentives may include outings, field trips, school supplies, fun activities, gift certificates, and snacks. The Truancy Diversion Project actively rewards school success.

Students who complete the program participate in a graduation ceremony. This generally occurs after ten successful weeks. Following program completion, the team participants conduct follow-up interviews and visits with the student and family to ensure the student's continued success.

How Are Youth Selected to Participate?

Possible participants are selected by the school team with assistance from the School Attendance Clerk. A Family Court Representative determines the youth's current court involvement status. Students who currently have open court cases are not eligible for participation. If the team agrees that an eligible student is an acceptable candidate, the student and family are invited to participate.

What Choice Does the Student or Family Have in Participation?

Participation in the Truancy Diversion Project is voluntary. After a student is recommended by the team, a letter is sent to his or her home within 5-7 day. The Family Advocate also makes contact with the family. She will explain the program to the family as well as potential consequences if high rates of absenteeism continue.

The student and parents must sign a consent form agreeing to make their best effort to fully participate and complete and the program. Students and parents who elect to participate can receive assistance for making arrangements with employers if there is a time conflict.

Truancy Diversion Program - Authorization and Referral - English and Spanish

Truancy Diversion Program - Media Release Form - English and Spanish

How Can I Find Out More?

For more information regarding the Truancy Diversion Program, please contact Kimberly Alexander at (702) 455-1755.






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