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Short Trial Forms Library

Welcome to the Short Trial Forms Library. We hope the information shown here is helpful and will make your contact with court easier and more productive. Many of our forms are multiple pages - make sure you fill out all pages and print all of them prior to submitting them to the court.

Get Acrobat Reader To view many of our forms, please obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader. Users can obtain a free copy of Acrobat Reader by clicking on this link.

To download all the Short Trial Rules, forms, and the index at once, click the ZIP file link below. This is a large file and may require considerable download time. Please be patient. You will have to extract and save the files to your computer.

Individual Forms

The following forms are intended to be used as samples only. You can print them or save the Microsoft Word documents and use them as a template for your own individual documents. To download form samples, click on the appropriate document title.  All documents in the Short Trial Program are to be e-filed with the Clerk's Office.

Form # Title/Name of Document Nevada Short Trial Rule #
1 Stipulation to Participate in Short Trial Program [4(b) & 32]
2 Stipulation for Pro Tempore Judge [3(a)(1) & 3(a)(3)]
3 Judicial Panel Strike List [3(a)(2)]
4 Selection of Pro Tempore Judge [3(a)]
5 Notice of Recusal [3(1)(1)]
6 Demand for Removal from the Short Trial Program [5]
7 Order for Final Judgement Affirming Short Trial Pro Tempore Judge's Order on Motion [5]
8 Joint Trial Memorandum [9]
9 Short Trial Setting [12]
10 Jury List [23]
11 Verdict Form-Short Jury Trial [26]
12 Notice to Prevailing Party to File Judgment Upon Jury Verdict/Decision of the Court - Short Trial Program [26]
13 Judgment on Jury Verdict - Short Trial Program [26]
14 Judge on Decision by the Court - Short Trial Program [26]
15 Application for Attorney's Fees, Presiding Judge's Fees, Costs and/or Interest [27]
16 Opposition to Application for Attorney's Fees, Presiding Judge's Fees, Costs and/or Interest [27]
17 Presiding Short Trial Judge's Bill for Costs [29(b)]
18 Objection to Presiding Short Trial Judge's Bill for Costs [29(c)]
19 Motion to Enter Judgment for Presiding Short Trial Judge's Fees and Costs [30]
20 Order for Judgment on Presiding Short Trial Judge's Fees and Costs [30]

Form Packets and Rules



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